Samsung awarded patent for foldable tablet design but we may never see it


Samsung is known for creating a slew of different devices, or at the very least, developing products even if they never make it to market. We’ve seen patents and rumors that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone with a flexible display, but there have been no murmurs in regards to bringing the same idea to the tablet market.


Samsung was recently awarded a patent that will do just that and will be able to fold into thirds, with the keyboard being a part of the overall design. Then, once completely unfolded, there is a built-in stand if you want to use the tablet in more of a cinema or movie mode.

There’s no way to tell if something like this will come to market, especially when you consider that the patent was filed in July of 2015. However, with companies like Lenovo working on flexible displays, it would make sense for Samsung to be working on the same thing, especially with its huge capital and R&D divisions.

[Patently Mobile]


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