Google Allo passes 5 million downloads BUT ARE YOU EVEN USING IT? [POLL]


It’s been exactly one week since the Google Assistant-infused Allo launched, Google’s latest attempt at pulling users away from competing services like WhatsApp. Allo, which only requires your phone number to sign up (as opposed to your Google account), was met with almost an unrealistic amount of hype before it launched, with many hoping it would be the messaging app to save us from Hangouts.

Almost predictably, once Allo officially launched and people started using it, the app didn’t quite meet expectations with unhappy critics chiming in on the lack of (real) SMS support, the inconsistency of Google Assistant, or the backtracking of privacy features. In other words, Allo has a long way to go before it replaces whatever messaging app people are currently using.

Since then, Allo has managed to accrue 5 million total downloads, beating out Duo, Google’s Face Time competitor, which saw similar success during its first week in the Google Play Store. But just like Duo (Google’s Face Time competitor), it’s possible this success will be short lived.

That being said, we have to ask — is anyone out there actually using Allo. You know, on the regular? Outside of the first day or two, has Allo actually replaced any of your other messaging apps, or have you already run back to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or even *shudder* Hangouts? I’ll admit, I gave it a solid go for the first few days, but eventually came to the decision — along with the few friends I had on Allo — to officially abandon the app altogether. How ’bout you?

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Download on Google Play: Allo

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