Twitter can now help make sure that you’re registered to vote in time for the Elections


Last night marked the first Presidential debate of 2016 and if you’ve been paying attention to Twitter, then you would have more than likely noticed the various Promoted Tweets. Many of these tweets have been reminding those in the US to register to vote ahead of the November 8th Presidential Election.

Now, Twitter has released a new tool with the help of different partnerships to assist those who haven’t registered yet, get ready for the big event. The tool takes advantage of the @Gov Twitter account and allows you to DM the account to get voter registration information.

Starting today, when a someone sends a private, Direct Message to Twitter’s @Gov account with their five-digit zip code, that person will receive an automatic Direct Message response including their state’s voter registration deadline and a personalized link to get registered.

In addition to being notified of your state’s registration deadline, you can take advantage of this new tool to help you get additional questions answered, including polling place locations and ballot information. Finally, if you’ve already registered to vote, there’s a new hashtag that Twitter wants everyone using (#iRegistered) to help raise awareness and ensure the polling booths are filled come Election Day 2016.

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