Verizon’s CFO says its plans are already great, no need for unlimited data

The Verizon Destination Store opened in Houston, Texas today at BLVD Place shopping center. Verizon is taking the retail experience to the next level with a new retail approach focusing on enhancing customers' mobile lifestyles. - (C) John W. Davis, ASMP, AIAP - DVDesign Group, Inc. (PRNewsFoto/Verizon)

Smaller carriers like T-Mobile and Sprint are putting the pressure on Big Red, as they now offer unlimited data plans to their customers, as long as they’re comfortable with a slower connection and standard definition video. Even AT&T has jumped on the bandwagon to offer unlimited service, if you’re willing to bundle in a DirecTV contract.

Verizon is the last big carrier that doesn’t offer its customers an unlimited option. According to statements made by Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo at an investors meeting last Thursday, that stance doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

Shammo said the catches that are tied to Verizon’s competitor’s plans are extremely limiting, noting that Verizon customers can tether to other devices and enjoy all the high-speed data they pay for without any form of throttling. Shammo says the way Verizon does business is more “customer-friendly” and that those who gravitate toward unlimited plans “tend to be abusive” with them.

Despite his strongly worded tirade against unlimited data plans, Shammo conceded that his company watches its competitors closely and that Verizon will “respond when needed.”
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