Google Smartclothes ready for beta launch with new logo [VIDEO]


jacquard-logoThere you have it folks, the official logo for one of Google’s latest projects, Project Jacquard. This may sound familiar because it was introduced at Google I/O 2016 as Google announced its partnership with Levi.

Google ATAP Project Jacquard Levis Commuter Jacket

For those who unfamiliar with Jacquard, the project from Google’s ATAP team is one that creates touch-sensitive clothing apparel. The partnership was for the Levi’s Commuted x Jacquard by Google Trucker Jacket, which has sensors weaved into the fabric and will connect to a user’s phone allowing them to interact with it by touching a specific portion of the sleeve. These functions include answering/rejecting phone calls and integration with services such as Spotify and Google Maps.

Wearable monitoring devices to be worn by a user for medical purposes, namely, user interaction monitors, muscle activity monitors, heart rate monitors, respiratory monitors, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, pedometers, force sensing monitors, skin impedance monitors, and motion sensing monitors. 

The little catch with Project Jacquard for Google was that the company hadn’t officially given the project a logo, until Friday. As of Friday, Google was granted a trademark for the above logo so that we will be able to recognize Jacquard once the project is completed.

Google’s partnership with Levi is expected to culminate with the release of this Trucker Jacket in beta form this fall, then will experience a widespread launch in Spring of 2017. It’s good to see that Google doesn’t arbitrarily kill all of the projects it announces, even if this one seems a little out there. Check out the video about this project and let us know what you think about Project Jacquard and what other instances you could see this used in.



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