Samsung says only 25% Galaxy Note 7 units have been exchanged, safe units arrive tomorrow


Tomorrow, carriers around the US will have fresh new — explosion-free — Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units available for exchange. If you’re wondering how many people are still holding onto their units, apparently a lot. We know. It sounds crazy given the chances of bodily injury, but according to Samsung, only about 25% of the Note 7s sold in the US have been exchanged or returned. That’s not very many.

We’re hoping the majority of these folks holding onto their Notes are simply waiting for new stock to arrive before they exchange, but there’s no telling for sure. With 500,000 units hitting the US starting tomorrow — exclusively for exchanges — it doesn’t sound like there would be any shortages. As for when Samsung plans on making green-batteried units available for actual purchase (providing Samsung’s image hasn’t been irreparably damaged) word has it they’ll go back on sale late October.

That pits the Note 7 directly against larger sized handsets like the upcoming LG V20, Pixel XL, or even the iPhone 7 Plus. That’s some pretty stiff competition, even for Samsung who was enjoying their lengthy head start. Something tells us they’ll be able to recover just fine.

[The Verge]

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