Google teases Oct 4th Pixel and Pixel XL reveal, first real photos leaked [VIDEO]



If Google’s latest teaser is any indication, we’re still a good few weeks away from any sort of new Google device announcements. But right on schedule, the floodgates have opened with new leaks of Google’s smartphone lineup spilling out onto the internet. We’re talking real, in the flesh photos of both the upcoming Pixel and Pixel XL. The photos give us our best look yet at both the front and back of each of the devices, pictured in a sort of white pearl color.


According to the leaker, the Pixel XL will come in at 5.5 inches, while the smaller regular Pixel a reasonable 5 inches. Comparisons to the iPhone are likely, except for the inclusion of a rear mounted fingerprint sensor, and glass covering a good portion of the back. I, personally, find it a bit odd that there’s so much bezel for what seems to be blurred out branding (Pixel? Google? HTC? Verizon?), but to each his own.


The 3 little sensor holes near the rear camera also have us scratching our heads, but we’re guessing the latest AF technology could have something to do with it. What do you guys think so far. Providing the pricing is right (it probably wont be), Google could have the iPhone competitor they so desperately crave.

[Android Police]

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