Verizon is in some hot water after charging customers for unused data


Verizon Wireless doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to making sure their customers are taken care of. Of course, they are still the number 1 carrier in the US due to network reliability and sometimes it’s just easier to deal with the crap when you have good coverage. However, these latest claims show that someone at Verizon needs to get it together.


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According to, a mother in Florida received her latest bill which showed that she had used over 550GB of data and was being charged over $8,500. The woman’s plan consists of 4GB of data which she claims was never exceeded and when she cancelled her plan over the disputes, Verizon tacked on an extra $600 as a cancellation fee.

What makes this case even odder is the fact that the Verizon subscriber apparently went from 490GB to 560GB in the span of a day, even though she claims to only listen to Pandora and the occasional browsing. Previously, her total usage amounted about 0.5GB of data per month.

The FCC has been made aware of the issue, as it has affected other users across the country, but Verizon claims there its “corporate office isn’t aware of any widespread problem with complaints to the company about cellular data use or billing over-limit fees.”

Verizon has responded to the original article source and provided the following statement:

“We’ve talked with the customer who reported the $9,000 monthly wireless bill, and resolved it to her satisfaction. Customers with questions about their bills can call Customer Care team at 1-800-922-0204 or contact a rep by chat on We take our customers’ experience with us seriously.”

Whether Verizon takes the claims seriously or not, be sure to keep an eye on your data usage throughout the month. You don’t want to end up with a bill that totals more than $9,000 out of the blue. So if you notice anything weird on your bill, be sure to contact Customer Service immediately.

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