The Pokémon GO Plus is now up for sale if you can find it in stock


Pokémon GO was released and took the world by storm, then has since dropped off in popularity but still remains on many of our devices. When announced at E3, Nintendo announced an accessory that would make it easy to make sure you would be collect items from PokéStops and even catch Pokémon without absolutely destroying your devices battery.


The Pokémon GO Plus was initially intended to be released in July, but was then delayed until September, and guess what? Today’s the day. The Pokémon GO Plus is available for purchase from Amazon, GameStop, and the Nintendo UK online store for $35. 

However, since the popularity is still large for Pokémon GO, the new accessory is out of stock on both Amazon and GameStop’s online retail store. I was able to find a few that were in stock by checking my local stores, but you’ll have to actually trek out to the store to get the Pokémon GO Plus. 

Let us know if you’re still playing Pokémon GO and if you were able to snag one of these before they went completely out of stock. 

[Amazon | GameStop]


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