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How to add a music visualizer to your smartphone’s navigation bar


Playing music on your android smartphone or tablet is a fairly simple and enjoyable experience these days, but if you’re looking for a way to make that experience even better, we recommend checking out Muviz, a music visualizer which works with pretty much any music playing app. While there are a tonne of music apps which have music visualizers built in, Muviz can overlay its visualizer on or above your smartphone’s on-screen navigation bar.

Using Muviz is simply. Just open the app, choose from more than a dozen different visualizers and enjoy the graphical readout of your music every time you hit the play button. Even though the visualizer is overlaid on top of your navigation bar, app icons or apps themselves, the graphics don’t interfere with the content on the screen, allowing you to use the phone just as you would before.

You can even create custom visualizers of your own. The editing tool is very intuitive, giving you the option to choose the shape, color, size, spread, height, transparency and shadow of your visualizer. There’s even the option to add three unique layers to the visualizer, allowing you to create something that’s truly your own.

Muviz is a free app, but the developers do offer a Pro mode for $1.99 which unlocks a dozen or more preset visualizer styles and additional customization options.

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