Google testing out a new way for users to see app sizes within the Play Store


Although many devices are being shipped with more than 16GB, that doesn’t mean that down the line you won’t have to still worry about the amount of storage left on your device. The problem is that when you’re running out of storage and want to download a new app, you don’t really know how much space that new app is going to take up. Of course, you can open up the “Read More” section within the Play Store listing, but that’s a pain.


It seems that Google is doing something about this as Android Police has obtained a screenshot of a few apps showing their download size. According to the report, Google is testing out a new change that shows the file size of every app on the card within the various charts and search results. The app size is also appearing within the “My apps” section and app update section.

Since this update is on the server side, there’s nothing that we can do to force the new changes. We’ll just have to wait for Google to flip the switch and let everyone in on the fun.

[Android Police]


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