T-Mobile is randomly giving customers unlimited data for 2 years


T-Mobile has already launched its new “One” plans that offer unlimited talk, text, and data, but if you don’t want to switch over you may not have to. A few customers have reported receiving text messages that explain that their accounts are being upgraded to unlimited data plans for 2 years.

According to Droid Life, it seems the affected customers are those on the 10GB data plan. T-Mobile is also giving away an extra 1GB of data per month to those with either the 2.5GB or 5GB plans that used to be offered in the past.


If you receive the text message, there is nothing you have to do, you’ll just automatically receive unlimited data for two years. However, there is one difference as your Data Stash will go away since with “Unlimited high-speed data, there’s no need to roll your data forward.” Additionally, the amount of data under your “Smartphone Mobile HotSpot” will not change with the upgrade.

The changes to plans start on September 8th and don’t end until February 28, 2019, giving you two years of extra data. Let us know below if you’ve received an email or text message and will be enjoying unlimited data for the next couple of years.

[Droid Life | T-Mobile]


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