Cricket sets its sights on Project Fi with a new $30 plan



Cricket is turning into one of the largest “budget” carriers in the United States as it offers a few great plan options for users not looking to break the bank. The carrier will be adding a new plan this week that will pit itself against Project Fi, but that doesn’t mean we should jump right away.

The plan will begin on September 9th and will net users 1GB of data for just $30 per month. Subscribers will also get unlimited text and talk which has become a mainstay from carriers for a few years now.

Although Cricket offers more devices on its plan compared to Project Fi, there are two big benefits as to why someone should look at Project Fi as a solid option. Google’s MVNO will pay you back for any unused data per month and takes advantage of T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular towers while Cricket only piggybacks off of AT&T’s network.

Additionally, Nexus devices on Project Fi have the ability to prioritize Wi-Fi signals to help save your data usage every month. This is a great way to save yourself from incurring major data charges while you’re in places that offer free Wi-Fi. However, if you want more of a selection in regards to devices, then you’d be hard pressed to not at least check out what Cricket has to offer.



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