JBL rolls out software update with Google Now support in tow



At IFA 2016, JBL took the stage to announce a new software feature that will make everyone a bit happier. Starting with its current lineup of speakers, users will now be to activate Google Now from the speaker, instead of having to reach for your device.

This new voice integration feature will allow users to take their listening experience to a whole new level. If you’re listening to a JBL portable speaker while shooting hoops or relaxing in the pool, there’s no longer any need to stop the fun and scramble to find your phone to switch songs.

– Andy Tsui, Senior Director, HARMAN

In order to activate Google Now, users will need to only tap the multi-function button on the speaker itself and will be able to use voice commands from there. The update will be pushed to these speakers via the JBL CONNECT application within the Play Store.

Furthermore, all speakers released by JBL in the future will have this feature built-in, allowing users to get started right out of the box. Is this a feature that you could see yourself using? Let us know in the comments below.



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