Sep 1st, 2016

After Samsung began investigating several claims of the newly launched Galaxy Note 7 exploding while it was being charged, the Korean manufacturer is reportedly gearing up to issue a worldwide recall of their flagship smartphone. Backing up previous sources is Yonhap News Agency who claims Samsung is already in talks with carriers on how to proceed with the recall, with Verizon Wireless being one of the US carriers cited by name.

The recall could take place as early as this weekend and despite a Samsung official claiming the issue affected less than 0.1 of their total volume, that’s .1 too many when you’re dealing with millions of devices headed into people’s homes. Needless to say, it’s not something Samsung wants to take their chances with. An anonymous Samsung official was quoted as saying:

“We don’t have any intention to delay (the announcement) or hide (the result of investigation). The decision will be made in consideration of maximum consumer benefit.”

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 went on sale August 19th in more than 10 countries worldwide to critical acclaim, our own Joe Fedewa recently reviewed the phone and had mostly good things to say about it. In any case, stay safe out there.

[via The Verge]

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