Google is launching an Uber competitor in San Francisco


waze carpool

In May we wrote about Waze testing a new carpooling service in San Francisco. Apparently, the test has gone well because now the Google-owned company is ready to take the service mainstream. Waze Carpool is similar to Uber and Lyft, but with one major difference. Instead of ordering a ride from a driver you catch a ride from someone who is going to same direction as you.

Waze plans to open the program to everyone in San Francisco this fall. Unlike Uber and Lyft, Waze Carpool is not meant to turn your car into a taxi service. The fares are low enough to be considered gas money, which is not taxable income. You can make a few extra bucks on your way to work, but this will not be a part-time job. Waze Carpool is really meant to be a carpooling service and nothing more.

Would you be interested in giving people a lift during your normal commute?

[via WSJ]

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