Samsung Gear S3 vs Samsung Gear S2 [CHART]


gear s3 vs gear s2

Samsung has just announced two new smartwatches in the Gear line. To follow up the Gear S2 from last year, Samsung has introduced the Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier. As the names imply, the Classic is a traditional-looking device while the Frontier is more rugged and active. Let’s see how they compare with the Gear S2. Check out this page for the full list of specs.

Bigger display

Samsung Gear S3 Classic 2

One of the most noticeable changes is the slightly larger display. Samsung has bumped it up from 1.2-inches to 1.3-inches. You might be thinking 0.1-inches isn’t enough to make a difference, and that may be true for phones, but on a device this small every bit helps. The resolution remains the same as the Gear S2.

Better battery life

Gear S3 rear

Another noticeable difference should be battery life. The Gear S3 has a 360mAh battery, 110mAh more than the Gear S2. Again, that might not seem like a lot, but for a smartwatch it can make a huge difference. You’ll appreciate that battery life when you’re out on a trail with the Frontier connected to LTE.

More rugged

Gear S3 Frontier 5

The Frontier has a few features that make it better for rugged adventures. The Gear S2 could connect to 3G and be used without a phone, but the Frontier bumps the speed up to LTE. We’re not sure why you would need LTE on a watch, but it’s there. The Frontier is also IP68 water and dust proof. This is a huge advantage for people who love the outdoors.

Which is better?

Overall, the Gear S3 is a solid improvement over the Gear S2. You should enjoy better battery life and the Frontier offers features for adventurers and the active lifestyle. The Gear S3 Classic will be available in October for $299. The LTE-enabled Gear S3 Frontier will be available a little later, but we don’t know exact pricing yet. Expect it to be $50-100 more than the Classic. Which watch is the best?

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Samsung Gear S3 Specs (Frontier vs Classic)

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