Instagram rolls out pinch-to-zoom for photos and video, available today on iOS and coming soon to Android


It’s probably not their biggestor even the most controversial — new feature Instagram has introduced as of late, but starting today #IGers will be able to get a closer look on photos and videos with pinch-to-zoom. Well, those of which are using the app on iOS. The good news is Instagram did mention that the new feature would be hitting Android, but in the coming weeks. That could mean as soon as next week, or several weeks from now — who knows.

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It will be interesting to see how the feature works in action. Instagram caps photo uploads to about 1080 pixels, so unless they up their resolution (not likely since they only recently added the 1080p resolution bump), it really wont provide much benefit for users. Even worse are videos hosted on the site and although we’re not sure on their exact resolution, are so low quality (about 640×480), zooming an already blurry video will be a horrible experience.

Here’s to hoping Instagram is actually further improving the quality off photo and video uploads with the rollout of this new feature.


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