Newly leaked photo of the LG V20 could be our first good look at the upcoming handset



Yesterday’s glimpse of the LG V20 behind a 3rd party case was a nice teaser to what LG has planned for their Sept 6th event. It seems that may have opened the flood gates as famed leaker, @evleaks, has dropped a photo of what is likely LG’s upcoming phablet from the front.

Bulky doesn’t even begin to describe the phone, who’s appearance seems rather large. A thick black frame surrounds the display, accented by a metallic paint on the top and bottom. Leaks like these never quite do a phone justice, but it’s hard to get around that significant chin, especially considering how large the phone is (reaching the notification shade will be virtually impossible with one hand).

Another interesting bit is the appearance of a strange Google “In Apps” icon on the home screen. It looks almost like an app drawer button, but with a tiny “G” logo in the upper left corner. If you guys have any idea what this could be, feel free to shout it out.


Chris Chavez
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