WiFi Assistant no longer a Project Fi exclusive, now headed to all Nexus devices in select countries



Aside from offering unique take on cellular service, Project Fi had some pretty interesting ideas behind it. One of those was a feature called WiFi Assistant, a pillar of Project Fi that looked to save users data by automatically connecting them to open WiFi networks. While it’s possible to do this manually, most people forget and/or don’t even realize a place or business even has open WiFi.

As Google looks for new ways to differentiate Nexus devices from competing Androids, the previously Project Fi exclusive feature will soon make its way to all Nexus devices in United States, Canada, Mexico, UK and Nordic countries. Google says you can expect another update to bring WiFi Assistant functionality in the coming weeks.

Whether the update is Android 7.1 (said to debut this fall on the new line of Nexuses) or a minor “.0.1” update remains to be seen.

[Nexus Help | via Google+]

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