BlackBerry files two patent infringement lawsuits against BLU


Patent lawsuits are nothing new for tech company’s although budget manufacturer, BLU may be getting its first taste of fighting one of the “big dogs”. BlackBerry has recently filed two patent infringement lawsuits against the Miami-based start-up which span over 15 different patents.

The lawsuits claim that BLU has infringed on patents ranging from software codes and user interface, all the way to radio frequency and mobile communications. The report by Law360 claims BlackBerry reached out to BLU to offer the company a license to use some of these patents, but BLU never responded.

Here’s a list of some of the patents that BlackBerry is claiming were infringed upon:

  • 8,483,060 – Method for configuring a telecommunication system
  • 8,265,034 – Method and system for a signaling connection release indication
  • 8,625,506 – System and method for determining establishment causes
  • 7,050,413 – Information transmission method, mobile communications system, base station and mobile station in which data size of identification data is reduced
  • 8,489,868 – Software code signing system and method
  • 8,713,466 – Dynamic bar oriented user interface
  • 8,402,384 – Dynamic bar oriented user interface
  • 8,411,845 – Handheld electronic device having improved phone call log, and associated method

Although BLU is quickly turning into the go-to brand for affordable and reliable budget smartphones in the US, these patent lawsuits may put a damper on the festivities. It’s also possible that while we learn about the lawsuits now, the two company’s may settle out of court in a less than exciting battle.

[via CrackBerry]


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