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The never-ending saga of Oracle vs Google continues with a new development. Oracle has found a new bone to pick, this time, it has to do with Android apps on the desktop. Google recently brought Android apps to Chromebooks and Oracle says they never mentioned their intent to do so.

Here’s where things get interesting. Google says they did tell Oracle about the plans and even supplied information about how it works. You might be wondering why it’s such a big deal for Google to not tell Oracle about this. Bringing Google Play to Chrome OS shows that Google is trying to break into the market for Java SE on desktops. Oracle’s attorney claims this move will increase the amount of market harm that Oracle will experience

Google says Android doesn’t compete with Java SE because it was built for smartphones. However, Google has claimed in the past that they haven’t harmed Java SE because Android isn’t on desktops. That’s no longer the case. Earlier this year, a jury found that Google’s use of Java APIs didn’t violate copyright laws, but now Oracle has said it will appeal the verdict.

[via ArsTechnica]

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