Google is testing a new “Top Features” section in Play Store reviews


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Google has been making some subtle changes to the Play Store in past couple of weeks. They recently removed the need to have a Google+ account to leave a review. Now, Google is testing another change to the Play Store. This time, it’s a brand new review section called “Top Features.”

Top Features is a section underneath the rating breakdown and above the written review highlights. The section shows user feedback about certain functions of the app or game. The Top Features will vary depending on the app. For example, Chase Mobile’s Top Features include “making payments, depositing checks, tracking finances” and more. So where is Google getting this information? From you.

Google will be rolling out a new review process along with this feature. You will be asked about specific functions of the apps. You can give them a thumbs up, thumbs down, or unsure. It’s similar to how Google Maps will occasionally ask you if a restaurant you visited had WiFi. This is a great change that will provide more information before you install an app. It’s currently available to a few users, but we don’t know when it will roll out to everyone.

[via Android Police]

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