Aug 12th, 2016

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In a bit of a turn from left field, CVS has introduced its own mobile payment method for use by its customers in-store. CVS Pay has officially launched and will leave the likes of Android Pay and Apple Pay in the dust.

CVS Pay will allow its customers to sync their credit and debit cards with the CVS app, then use a barcode for the cashier to scan to make the payments. The pharmacy company has opted to take this route in an effort to create a new experience within its stores while keeping track of rewards and making it easy for customers to pick up prescriptions.

To use CVS Pay, customers simply add any of their credit or debit cards in the CVS Pharmacy app. When they are ready to check out at a CVS Pharmacy store, they’ll show the store associate the barcode in their app.

A few days ago, it was reported that CVS may have been looking to give in to the demand for Android Pay support, but those hopes are now squashed. Users had been reporting that Android Pay was indeed working in various CVS locations, but this may have been just a fluke and may see support being removed as the company integrates its own services.

CVS Pay is rolling out to a few select states to start (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware), but will be expanded nationwide later this year.

[via CVS Health]

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