Samsung also introduced an updated version of the Gear VR with improved controls and more



Announced alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a new version of the Samsung Gear VR. We got a glimpse at the headset in a leak not too long ago, and unless you were incredibly familiar with the original, you’d be hard pressed to spot any of the changes.

Thankfully, Samsung is here to point all them out, with the headset sporting a more refined and comfortable fit for users and other improvements. First off, there’s a wider field of view (a full 101-degree vs the 96 degrees of the previous model) for added immersion and a brand new touchpad.

Samsung Gear VR 2016 new touchpad

The new Gear VR also supports USB Type-C — perfect for the Galaxy Note 7 — as well as backwards support with older handsets dating all the way to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The USB Type-C port on the bottom of the headset (used to keep your phone charged up while VR’ing), also supports data transfer, something that could open up the possibilities of VR gaming with actual motion controllers in the future.

Nothing too major (oh, did we mention it’s now all black?), with this new version of the Samsung Gear VR running the same price as the previous model — $99.99 — as it gears up for a lunch on August 19th. Great for the millions of people with a Galaxy handset in their pocket, but for the rest of Android’s vast number of devices, we’re left out in the cold.

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