Samsung files patents for new wireless charging designs


Samsung’s first half rendition for 2016 went off with a pretty loud bang, as the company released the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Since the release of those devices, the company has steadily been releasing various products along the way, such as the Gear Fit 2, and Gear IconX wireless earbuds. Samsung’s second half performance is about to kick off next week as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be announced, but we may be seeing more than just a new mobile device at the event.

The folks at Patently Mobile uncovered a series of patents that Samsung filed for back in January, which may change the way we use wireless charging with our mobile devices. Currently, when charging multiple devices wirelessly, we need multiple charging pads, or are relegated to just charging one device at a time. This patent application shows three different designs for wireless chargers, including one that would be able to charge your fitness tracker/smartwatch and your smartphone at the same time.


As mentioned before, Samsung has actually filed patents for three different versions of a new wireless charger. The first is simply a square block that your smartphone would sit on top of. The device itself would feature a detachable battery cover where the wireless charger would be imbedded.

This could point to a new device that features a detachable cover, as Samsung’s current lineup of flagships has the wireless charging receiver built-in. We don’t see Samsung changing things up again in such a manner with the upcoming Galaxy Note 7, but a future device could include wireless charging with an interchangeable rear cover.

The second wireless charger design would be primarily for its smartwatches and fitness trackers, as there is a large indentation on the top of the charger itself. This would be where the wearable fits in and is held securely in place so that there are no issues about trying to position the device perfectly.

The final design is the aforementioned all-in-one wireless charger. The top of the charger would be slightly titled, allowing for users to still interact with their devices while charging, if need be. Then, you could wrap your wearable device around the base of the charger, allowing for simultaneous charging of two different devices.

Samsung’s next event is on August 2nd for the announcement of the Galaxy Note 7, but the company is also expected to unveil its latest smartwatch the Samsung Gear S3 at IFA in Berlin. That event is coming on September 1st and we are also expecting to see a new Galaxy Tab 3 at the event.

[via Patently Mobile]


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