Jul 22nd, 2016

We’ve already seen a leaked video which shows the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s iris scanner in action, but today’s leak gives us a look at some of the information that’s disclosed during the iris scanner’s setup process. Based on previous leaks, we know that the phone must be held 25 to 35 centimeters from the users face for the iris scanner to work properly, but this new leak warns users not to help the phone closer than 20cm from their eyes to avoid any harmful effects. It even warns that it should not be used on babies.

On top of that, glasses, contact lenses and direct sunlight should be avoided to ensure that the iris scanner can properly detect the user. It’s not clear what the recognition failure rate may be, but those wearing glasses are specifically asked to remove them to ensure proper recognition.


While we like the fact that Samsung will be incorporating an iris scanner into the Note 7, consumers may be paying for a feature that may not work for them. Iris recognition technically offers much better security than a fingerprint scanner, but that doesn’t really matter if using it is an inconvenience for those who purchase the Note 7.

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