Bubble Zoom makes it much easier to read comic books in Google Play Books


Comic books have seen a resurgence in recent years thanks to the rise of comic book movies. These days, we read comic books on our phones and tablets. Unfortunately, the experience is not great. To read the speech bubbles you end up doing a lot of zooming and panning. Google has a new feature that improves the comic book experience on mobile devices.

The new feature for Google Play Books is called “Bubble Zoom.” It does exactly what the name implies: zooms in on speech bubbles. Simply tap on a speech bubble and it pops up in a bigger view. It’s really quite amazing. Bubble Zoom is made possible by Google’s machine learning. The system is trained to identify speech bubbles among the artwork. All you have to do is tap to expand.

Google is rolling out this feature to Play Books right now. It will be available as a preview with all Marvel and DC comics. To celebrate, Google is running a 50% off sale on select Marvel and DC comic books in the Play Store. Use code SDCC2016 to snag the deal by July 24th.

[via Android Blog]

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