If you need Android Help, download the new “Channels” app


When you’ve got a question about a particular Android App or Android Game, where do you go to get your answers? There hasn’t been a clear option until now. A new app called “Channels” (download it here) presents the most logical solution.


After downloading the app and signing in, Channels automatically scans your device, creating discussion groups for each app and game on your phone. You’re then presented with 3 tabs:

  • Timeline – displays most recent posts about all your apps and games
  • Channels – browsable list of all app/game discussion groups
  • My Stuff – keeps a history of topics in which you’ve participated

If you’ve got a specific question to ask, jump over to the Channels tab, tap on the app/game in question, tap the + floating action button in the bottom right, and ask away. Your question will be automatically shared with all other users of that app or game, ensuring that you get responses from knowledgeable users. Sometimes even the developer themselves will respond (ex: try discussing Channels, EarlyBird, Phandroid News, or GameFans).

ic_launcherWhen you start a new topic or participate in a conversation, you can choose to be alerted when new replies are made (the “eye” icon), which is the ultimate helpful feature when someone successfully answers your question.

While Channels is the perfect app for help and support related topics, we can also envision apps building entire communities of their own within each Channel. Examples may include:

  • Robinhood users discussing Stocks
  • Pokemon GO users discussing Tips/Tricks
  • Clash of Clans users forming teams and alliances
  • Loople users discussing things to do in Baltimore
  • Duolingo users practicing their languages in conversational back-and-forths
  • Pregnancy+ users building new mom relationships

You get the point. The list could go on and on. Each channel will become what its users make of it.

If you like the concept, we’re asking that you support us with a point in the right direction by way of a generous Play Store rating and review. The app is very much in beta, but in the near future we hope to add a bunch of new features, including automatically creating several additional Channel types, such as device specific channels and Carrier specific channels.

If you’ve got suggestions, feedback, praise, or criticism you can obviously comment on this post, but we also encourage you to download Channels and start a new topic to address your opinion. Browse through existing topics to make sure someone hasn’t already left similar feedback, and if they have, tap that little “heart” to show you agree.

We hope you enjoy Channels and look forward to building the most robust community of Android users on the planet. Oh, and if you didn’t know, Channels is part of Android Forums so you can find all the great information from Channels directly on the website as well (particularly in the Android Apps forum right now).

Download Channels

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