Leak reveals a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with a flat display

We’ve seen plenty of pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 over the past few months, but this latest leak will come as a huge disappointment for many. The image claims to depict the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with a flat display. While the Galaxy S7 offered standard and edge models, the Note 7 is expected to be unveiled in early August with an edge display. 

Unfortunately, the image of the flat-screened Galaxy Note 7 is not accompanied with any information regarding the phone’s availability. The photo most likely represents a prototype unit that Samsung developed early. Keep in mind that everything we know about the phone is based on leaks, rumors and speculation. While it’s highly doubtful, Samsung could surprise us all with a standard Note 7 at the launch event on August 2, but we won’t be holding our breath.

If you have the choice, would you buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with a flat or edge display?

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