Xiaomi’s Redmi 3 Pro suffers a nasty torture test but is more durable than expected [VIDEO]


When it comes to deciding what smartphone will be in our pockets for the next year or so, it’s important to look at the devices from all angles. The specs only tell part of the story, with the build quality making up another portion. A phone can have amazing specs but if you drop it one time, you could be looking for another replacement due to the questionable build quality.

YouTuber JerryRigEverything is known for giving users an idea of what to expect from various smartphones, ranging from flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and HTC 10, all the way to budget phones like the Xiaomi Redmi Pro 3. He tests durability on every device by putting the devices through a scratch, burn and bend test. In order to test durability, he uses a series of tools designed to test the hardness of the display, the material around the device, as well as everyone’s favorite, the bend test.

After putting the Redmi Pro 3 through his signature durability test, he came to an interesting conclusion. Although the Redmi 3 Pro is a budget device, priced at $169, the device holds up surprisingly well when compared to other devices including the Xiaomi Mi 5 flagship which met un ugly demise.


  • The display begins scratching at a level 6 hardness which is on par with flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S7
  • When holding a flame directly to the display, discoloration does not begin until after 14 seconds
  • Although the display’s pixels go completely black, the pixels come back and there is no more discoloration on the display
  • When the fingerprint scanner is scratched, it will still detect your fingerprint
  • The camera lens is made of glass, but the flash is covered in plastic leaving the flash prone to scratches
  • When bending the device, the display may crack, but due to the separation of the glass display from the digitizer, the screen will still function

Although the Redmi 3 Pro isn’t the sexiest device, at $169 it could definitely make for a good alternate device, or even a starter device for the little ones in the family.

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