Google drops the amount of free Drive storage for Local Guides from 1TB to just 100GB


Google has had a Local Guides program for some time, but had expanded this program back in November of 2015 with the hopes of getting more users to contribute. For those who aren’t aware, Google’s Local Guides program is a way for users to review various locations within Google Maps, providing honest feedback, along with pictures and written reviews. This program has several different levels, and when users reached Level 4, Google was offering 1TB of Drive storage as a thank you.

Drive storage local guides

Google has started sending emails to Local Guides and has changed the information on the Local Guides Help page to let participants know that as of today, Level 4 Local Guides will receive only 100GB of Drive storage. This does not apply to those Local Guides that have already reached Level 4, and is giving users 2 weeks to claim the original 1TB offer before it’s gone forever and you’re stuck with 100GB. Free storage is free storage, but it does seem a bit steep to go from 1TB of storage down to just 100GB. Maybe Google is seeing more feedback than they intended and they want to keep enough storage handy to giveaway to anyone new who joins and gets to the Level 4 threshold.

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[via Google Local Guides Help]


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