Latest update to Samsung’s S Health app makes it more fun to work out with friends


Samsung has pushed an update to its S Health application that brings a few new features that look to make competition among friends even more fun, as well as better ways to keep track of the workouts that you’ve performed.

What’s New: 

  • Compare step counts with friends and your age group, or challenge friends to reach targets. (The service may vary depending on the country.)
  • All steps combines steps recorded on synced devices, apps, and your mobile device.
  • Place a finger on the sensor and turn the device over to measure your heart rate.
  • Export heart rate, blood pressure, and blood glucose data as HTML, XLS, and PDF files.
  • Sync blood glucose data wirelessly from the CareSens N Premier Bluetooth Smart blood glucose meter.

S Health Challenges

The update adds “Together” which is a new way to challenge your friends and family to see who can walk the most amount of steps within a specific period of time. From here, you can set a prize to strive for, and keep track of both you and your opponent. The app will notify you if you fall too far behind, reminding you to get off your rear and get back on track on the path to greatness.

With the release of the Samsung Gear Fit 2, users will also be able to easily track their progress from their wrists, without ever opening the app. This new “Together” section will also enable a “Steps leaderboard” so that you can compare your steps with other S Health users around the world, including your friends, or those in your age group.

S Health Rewards

The “Steps Leaderboard” will also keep track of data from the last 7 days and average all of your workouts. This will allow you to see the average distance covered, number of calories burned, and your average step count. You can then use these pieces of information to keep track of what your friends have been doing so that you can either get them in on the action, or just use them for bragging rights.

The S Health update also includes a much improved Exercise section. Now, there are “more than 40 types of exercises” that can be tracked and managed within the application. Previously, your exercises were tracked under the general health measurements section, which could prove a bit cumbersome at times. However, users can customize which exercises are tracked via the S Health dashboard making it easier to enter and view workout sessions.

The update is available today and is rolling out to users everywhere. You don’t need a Samsung device to use S Health, so hit the download link below and give it a shot.

Download on Google Play: S Health


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