Acer to unveil its holiday lineup ahead of IFA Berlin 2016 on August 31st



It’s after the 4th of July and we are entering into the second portion of the year where more devices get announced in preparation for the holiday season. The first big event that has already been announced is IFA Berlin where companies usually show off some new goodies. To get everyone ready for IFA, Acer has sent out press invitations to join the company in Berlin as it unveils a new set of devices.

There haven’t been any rumors as to what Acer will be showing off, as it has already released its non-soap flagship, the Liquid Zest Plus. However, there have been rumors floating around that the company has been working on a VR headset and this would be a great time to unveil the headset ahead of the holiday season.

Other than Acer’s event, we can expect to see Samsung take the wraps off its Galaxy Gear S3, as it did so with the Gear S2 at last year’s IFA. Unfortunately for those looking for the Galaxy Note 7, that will be more than likely unveiled at a Samsung Unpacked event earlier in August.

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