‘Samsung Ahead’ could be a Google Glass competitor



Remember Google Glass? Ever since Glass burst onto the scene three years ago, there have been rumors of similar devices from other manufacturers. Samsung has been long-rumored to have a Glass rival of its own, but we’ve never seen solid evidence. New patent filings from Samsung could point to a Glass-like device called “Samsung Ahead.”

A trademark has been filed for a product called “Ahead.” It is described as a wearable computer “in the shape of a helmet,” and a logo is included. It will have its own OS, display, MP3 functions, and more. All of the details are very vague and general, so we don’t know for sure what this device will do or look like. We know it’s a wearable for your head.

What are your thoughts on such a device? Do you care anymore about Google Glass and similar devices? Has the rise of smartwatches made these devices even more impractical and unnecessary?

[via SamMobile]

Joe Fedewa
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