Walmart launches trial of Walmart Pay to more than 120 stores in Alabama


In December of last year, Walmart announced that it would be launching its own way to easily pay with your smartphone, dubbed Walmart Pay. We haven’t seen a widespread release just yet, but earlier today, the company announced that the service would be accepted at more than 120 stores in Alabama.

“Walmart Pay is a powerful addition to our app, a tool that we’re using to transform the shopping experience by seamlessly connecting our online assets and our stores for customers. The service opens the door to new and better ways we can serve the 140 million customers who shop our stores each week.”

-Daniel Eckert, Senior Vice President, Services, Walmart

In order to use Walmart Pay, you need to follow three easy steps:

1. Open: Visit any register, open the Walmart app and choose Walmart Pay. Activate the camera.

2. Scan: At any time during checkout, simply scan the code displayed at the register. Walmart Pay is now connected.

3. Done: Associate scans and bags the items… and it’s done. An eReceipt will be sent to the app and can be viewed at any time.

The company claims that “more than 20 million customers actively user the Walmart app” and the addition of Walmart Pay will “enhance the shopping experience. Notably, Walmart has not adopted the use of Android Pay or Apple Pay due to wanting to keep everything in house.

If the company plans to spread Walmart Pay to more users, lets hope for a seamless rollout. Otherwise, we’ll be seeing headlines referring to Walmart’s decision to begin accepting other forms of mobile payment.

Download on Google Play: Walmart

[via BusinessWire]


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