Jun 15th, 2016

Fleksy has been one of the best third party keyboards for awhile, with its initial launch on Android in 2013. There have been some recent updates to Fleksy, but other than that things have been quiet. Now, it seems that the keyboard is on to bigger things.

In a blog post, Fleksy has announced that it has been acquired by Pinterest, and will be open-sourcing some of its best features.

As a tribute to our incredible community of users we have made the decision to open-source some of the Fleksy components that the blind and visually impaired community grew to love. We trust you’ll do great things with it.

As for what’s in the works with this new acquisition, we’ll have to wait and see what’s coming as there were no immediate announcements made in that regard. Fleksy will remain on the Play Store and you can head over to and grab it for free.

Download on Google Play: Fleksy Keyboard

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