Telltale shows off screenshots of upcoming Batman game



Telltale Games has enjoyed a lot of recent success thanks to their licensed adventure games. They have created episodic adventures for The Walking Dead, Back to the Future, Game of Thrones, Borderlands, and more. Their latest game is about everyone’s favorite dark and gritty comic book hero: Batman.

The Batman series was announced last year, but we didn’t have much information about it. Today, we’re getting a closer look and a release window for the game. Telltale has shared a few screenshots so we can get an idea of what the game will look like. As expected, it shares the same look and feel as other Telltale adventures.


So when can you play it? The first episode is scheduled for sometime this summer. The remaining four episodes will be released later this year. You’ll be able to buy the episodes separately or as a package. The Batman series will be available on PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and gaming consoles. Is anyone excited for this new game?



[via AATelltale]

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