Twitter locks millions of accounts after passwords get leaked



Twitter has responded to reports that millions of passwords are available for sale on the dark web. They claim that the passwords were not obtained by a hack on Twitter’s servers, but the fact remains that millions of accounts are exposed. In order to keep people safe, Twitter has started locking accounts.

Twitter locked some accounts that required extra protection, which will require the user to reset their password to gain access again. Twitter isn’t saying exactly how many accounts they locked, but they did say it’s in the millions. If your account was locked you should have received an email.

Having your account locked is a minor inconvenience when the alternative is someone using your account. Usually, websites will tell users to change their passwords when something like this happens. It’s nice that Twitter took it into their own hands to protect users. Has your account been hacked? Did you get the email?

P.S. You should set up 2-step login verification

[via Twitter]

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