It’s been a roller coaster of a day for Flamingo for Twitter


Flamingo for Twitter burst onto the Play Store to much applause. The app is from the makers of Weather Timeline, a beautiful example of Material Design. Flamingo has been reviewed by Phandroid and just about every other major Android news outlet due to its gorgeous design and implementation of features lacking across other Twitter clients.

Earlier today, the app received a mammoth update, bringing with it a whole bunch of features that were missing in version 1.0, including more customization options.

What’s New: 

  • Can open links
  • Save timeline position with counter
  • Sync new tweets (advanced) in background
  • Chat updates automatically
  • Swipe to close from left edge and available on profiles
  • Show quote previews
  • Abs time on details
  • Edit profile
  • Share in custom tabs
  • More font sizes
  • Opt for square icons and hiding media
  • Mute keywords
  • Notification bundling
  • Vine/YouTube support
  • Custom notification sound
  • Long press links to share
  • Long press like/retweet to select which account
  • Saved searches

These changes put Flamingo at the top of third-party Twitter client options. Even before this update, Flamingo has been able to bring Android users back to Twitter just because the app seems to fix all of the qualms that folks have with the “stock” Twitter app.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, well, sort of. Earlier today, Sam Ruston, the creator of Flamingo posted a tweet showing that the app had been “Restricted from performing write actions”. At first glance, this was just Twitter jumping on the app and restricting its access, as has been done to many other clients in the past.

Luckily, the first comment on that tweet was from Joaquim Verges, who had previously developed another Twitter client, Falcon Pro. But now, Verges works for Twitter and was instrumental in turning this sad story into a good one. It even got to a point where Sam tweeted out “Can we get #unbanflamingo trending?

There was no other information given as to why the app was restricted to begin with, but a little over an hour after Sam Ruston’s original tweet, the app was unrestricted. Now, everyone can enjoy the fruits of Sam’s labor, and use arguably the best Twitter client for Android up to this date.

This may have just been a case of someone hitting the wrong button, but at least everything was fixed and the world can have some fun with Flamingo. Be sure to check out Phandroid’s full review to help you decide if its time for you to switch to a new Twitter client.

Download on Google Play: Flamingo for Twitter


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