Pebble and Amazon team up to bring Alexa to the Pebble Core


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Last month, Pebble introduced a trio of new wearable devices that aim to improve your day to day life. Alongside the Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2, the Pebble Core is a new connected device that features two different versions; one for runners, and one for hackers. Today, Pebble has announced that the both versions of the Core will feature Amazon’s Alexa voice dictation services. This means that while you’re jogging around the block, you can ask Alexa to turn on your Air Conditioning so that your home will be nice and cool when your return.

The Core is designed not only to record your steps, but also features a GPS chip and the ability to play your favorite music from various streaming services. The Pebble Core for hackers will allow you take full control of the two buttons that are built into it. This ability allows for users to create something that is unique and useful if you feel comfortable tinkering with the Core and are handy with coding.

Here’s the full list of some possibilities that Alexa brings to Pebble Core users:

  • Play songs, artists, and playlists from Amazon Prime Music, iHeartRadio, and more.
  • Brief you with news headlines from USA Today, The Washington Post, or The Huffington Post.
  • Review your Pebble Health summary for the day, like heart rate, step count, and calories burned.
  • Order pizzas for the gang on game day.
  • Shop for gifts and necessities on Amazon.
  • Get weather and traffic updates.
  • Set a timer for a set of side planks.
  • Control smart home devices like lights, thermostats, locks, and more.
  • Tell you a joke.
  • Answer almost any question you can think of—from the nutritional information of certain foods to movie facts on IMDB.

This marks the first device that includes Amazon Alexa, but isn’t manufactured by Amazon. Maybe we will see a trend of new devices coming out with Alexa services, or maybe we’ll see more options come around once Google’s Assistant and Home are launched later this year.

The Pebble Core is still available on KickStarter for $79, with the early-bird backer option sold out. The Core will retail for $99 when released later this year.

[via Pebble]


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