Facebook begins integrating Android N’s ‘Direct Reply’ within its Messenger app


Among the new features coming with Android N is the ability to directly reply to messages from your notification shade. The first app with this capability was Hangouts, but it seems Facebook is getting in on the action with Messenger.

The latest version of the Messenger beta includes this ability, and allows users to easily reply to messages without leaving your current application. When you receive a notification, you will be able to pull down the notification shade and see a “Reply” button directly below the message.

Now that Hangouts and Facebook Messenger include this functionality, and Android N is out of its alpha stage, we should be seeing more and more messaging apps integrate direct reply.

If you weren’t already a beta tester for Facebook Messenger, hit the link below and get signed up. In order to take advantage of this new feature, you must be on the latest version of Android N, and if you want to jump on that train we’ve got you covered with how to do that, as well.

Become a Beta Tester: Facebook Messenger

[via Android Police]


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