Facebook’s new DeepText AI will learn to understand your status updates


Facebook Bots for Messenger

Artificial intelligence is all the rage these days. Facebook has been on the forefront of this trend with Messenger Bots, but now they are introducing something else. It’s called “DeepText,” and Facebook claims it can understand what people are writing with accuracy that is “near human.”

DeepText will allow Facebook to understand anything your write into Facebook. If you’re talking about needing a ride in Messenger, DeepText could hail you a cab. Or if you’re trying to sell something, it will recommended Facebook’s merchant tools. The basic premise is to understand what you need without you having to explicitly ask for it.

On the surface it sounds a lot like targeted ads, but the idea is for DeepText to be more useful to the users. How do you feel about Facebook learning to understand what you write? Is this something you would want to use?

[via Facebook]

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