Galaxy S7 sales should help Samsung beat Q2 estimates


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We’re still a month away from Q2 earnings (can you believe it?), but we’re already starting to hear about Samsung’s rumored numbers. This is not something we usually care about until the official numbers are released, but early reports indicate that Samsung has some very positive news. An investment group has released a report that the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are kicking butt.

The great numbers are due to more than just the two S7 phones. The investment group also says Samsung’s memory chip business has been doing well in this quarter. They expect Samsung to announce up to 7 trillion Won, which would be the first time they crossed the 7 trillion mark since Q3 2015. All of these numbers really mean just one thing: Samsung is doing very well, and the Galaxy S7 was the hit they needed.

Expect to see the numbers to look very good when Samsung announces them next month. We also expect the numbers to continue to do well in Q3. It just goes to show how a solid phone can carry you through the year. Do you have the Samsung Galaxy S7? Do you see a lot of them around?

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