Sony says their mobile division will finally be profitable this year after devastating 2015 losses


Last year was a rough one for the mobile division over at Sony. The company lost approximately $560 million due to flopped devices in addition to the earthquake that hit its sensor factory last April. Now, with plans to re-tool its approach to the mobile market by consolidating their device portfolio, things are beginning to look up.

According to “Consolidated Results Forecast” provided by Sony, the company is expecting its mobile division to turn a profit of $45 million by the end of its 2017 fiscal year. Sure, you can look at what the company lost last year compared to projected profits and it may seem like little more than a drop in the bucket. But when you think about going from a $560 million loss, to a $45 million profit, Sony’s done quite a bit of work to right the ship.

Sony has already announced and released, its Sony Xperia X series of devices. This seems to be the lone 2016 lineup of devices the company intends to stick behind after axing its long standing Xperia Z series.

[Sony | via Android Authority]


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