Motorola teaser is basically telling us they plan to unveil a new RAZR on June 9th [VIDEO]


It’s been a long time since we last seen a Motorola RAZR around these parts. Verizon nabbed the exclusive on the comeback smartphone variant back in 2011 and we watched as the line fizzled out with the 2012’s DROID RAZR HD and the DROID RAZR MAXX HD being the last of its kin. Because everybody loves a good comeback story, it seems we would see the return of the RAZR this year.

Motorola just released a teaser video heavy on the nostalgia featuring the original RAZR — the one from 2004 — and a soundtrack by Boys Like Girls (remember them?). It was the first “cool” cellphone and Motorola is hoping you’ll forget all about their previous DROID RAZR line when the model debuts. Now, they didn’t come out and say anything, but we know exactly what their video is hinting at.

moto x 2016 1

The recently leaked Motorola “Vector Thin” (codename)

With current rumors pointing to Motorola’s 2016 flagship featuring a 5.2mm thin body and modular magnetic back plates, it’s easy to see how this absurdly thin smartphone is probably what they have planned for their June 9th event in San Francisco. Of course we’ll be on hands, so stay tuned.


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