NVIDIA SHIELD TV update looks to bring Netflix HDR, YouTube 4K 60fps, and more


Android N is bringing a handful of new features to Android TV when it debuts later this year, things like PIP, live TV recording, and HDR.

Before that can even begin rolling out, the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV is adding at least one of these new features in an upcoming software update, headed out soon as version 3.2. The SHIELD TV not only gains HDR support, but a host of other features too. Here’s the quick bullet list:

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV 3.2 update

  • 4K VUDU
  • YouTube 60fps 4K
  • Netflix HDR
  • Gamestream HDR

NVIDIA isn’t giving a specific time frame on when the update will start rolling out, but whenever it lands on NVIDIA’s official release notes page we expect more details regarding bug fixes and other smaller features. Stay tuned.

[via Android Central]

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