Google Play’s Family Library lets you to share app purchases with up to 6 family members


It’s a feature that’s been rumored for awhile now, but today it’s finally becoming official. Well, sort of. It wasn’t announced on stage, but Google has already begun sending out emails to Android developers (as well as updating support docs), notifying them of an upcoming feature called Family Library.

According to Google, the feature — which allows up to 6 family members to share app purchases made in the Google Play Store — will begin rolling out on July 2nd.

“We’ll soon be launching Google Play Family Library, a new feature that allows up to six family members to share purchased apps on Google Play. We’ve updated the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement(“DDA”) to support this new service.”

Developers are being asked to opt-in previous purchases to Family Library with Google mentioning that all purchases made after July 2nd will be automatically eligible for Family Library by default. Google also warns that once previous purchases are made eligible for Family Library through the Developer Console, changes will be permanent — so proceed with caution.

[Google Play Developer Console Help]


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