Google to unveil AI-powered chat bot developer tools


It’s no secret that Google’s pushing the boundaries of what artificial intelligence can do with its DeepMind AI technology. But rather than keep the tech all to itself, The Information is reporting that Google is planning to use its advances in artificial intelligence as a tie-in for new chat bot developer tools which will likely be announced at Google I/O this week. According to the report, the developer tools would allow businesses to develop chat bots within Hangouts and competing services like Facebook Messenger. This would give Google a broader reach, allowing the company’s technology to be used even if developers are building chat bots for non-Google messaging services.

“Essentially, Google wants to get into the bot-making business more broadly than people realized, and in a way that’s similar to Microsoft’s strategy, and relying on its strengths in artificial intelligence to convince developers to use its tools.”

Since this would be an enterprise-level service, there will likely be a cost associated with it. However, large companies may be more willing to pay to have access to Google’s AI technology rather than struggling on their own to develop chat bots with limited functionality.

If Google’s chat bot developer tools are unveiled at Google I/O this week, it will be interesting to see how Google’s DeepMind AI integration will take chat bots to the next level. Do you think chat bots will help large companies improve customer service or will removing a human touch make them more impersonal than ever?

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