HTC says One M9 and One A9, and HTC 10 will all be receiving Android N


With all the new Android N developments coming out of Google I/O, the hardest part by far is the waiting. And because nobody likes to be left wondering if their smartphone is going be left behind in the dust or be one of the first to receive the next big update, HTC is chiming in with where they stand on Android N for a few of their most recent flagships.

On Twitter, HTC just wanted to clear the air and let the world know that they’ve officially pledged to bring Android N to the HTC 10, HTC One M9, and the HTC One A9. It really shouldn’t surprise anyone, given HTC’s track record, but just in case you were wondering — now you know.

Unfortunately, HTC no longer provides a detailed status updates on their devices like they used to, but in heir social post’s fine print, they did say that they’ll update everyone with an ETA once Google gets around to shipping Android N to their hardware partners. In the meantime, users can only find solace in knowing that their device will receive the update providing it’s one of the above 3.


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